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Sell a Business

Buyers contact us every day looking to buy a business.  Thousands of entrepreneurs are using the online internet to locate businesses for sale.  We have a strong presence on the World Wide Web with our many websites giving people the opportunity to buy the businesses we have listed for sale in Alberta. For more information on how we help find buyers for business owners that want to sell, click on “more details”.

Buy a Business

See our many businesses listed for sale on our website http://www.BusinessForSaleAlberta.ca. On this site you will find some general information about each listing. If you find a business that seems right for you to buy we can supply you with more information including the financial statements.  Alberta is definitely a good place to buy and operate a business as it has a strong economy with a very large energy sector which is what makes Alberta the strongest province in Canada.

How to Start A Business(eBook)

Successful new businesses can be started with products or services that consumers want or need. There are many steps to starting a business.  When entering a new business venture it is important to gain all the information possible and gaining experience in what ever way possible.  I certainly do recommend working in your choice of business for at least a year.  There are tricks to every trade and making mistakes is a costly way to learn the ropes. To help gain information go to our website Business Start Alberta at http://www.BusinessStartAlberta.ca.  After checking that site out you can take our  Business Skill Test at  http://www.BusinessSkillTest.com.  After taking this test I recommend reading my ebook on How to Start a Business at the website http://www.HowToStartANewBusiness.ca

Internet Marketing

Create business websites that work.  Our well developed and “Search Engine Optimized” websites are found on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing. Internet marketing is essential to today’s business success when marketing products and services. Online advertising gives companies business advantage in the online World Wide Web marketplace. For more information on all the parameters on websites and SEO you can go to our website http://www.BusinessWebsitesAlberta.ca.

Test Your Business Skill
You have heard the saying, don’t go into a business that you don’t know.  If you start up a business that you are unfamiliar with, you may lose thousands of dollars before you learn the tricks of the trade.  Mistakes are costly.  I know because I lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in making mistakes during my first 10 years in business. Believe me, it hurts to learn the hard way. By taking our business skill tests, you will be make aware of the hundreds of things that are necessary to learn in making good business decisions.  To take the skill test you can go to http://www.BusinessSkillTest.com.


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